Meet the health fair partners

Youths who get each of these stops on their passports stamped during the Outback Strong Teen Health Fair will receive a prize. 

Youths who get each of these stops on their passports stamped during the Outback Strong Teen Health Fair will receive a prize. 

The Outback Strong Teen Health Fair — coming November 15 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. in the Daly Middle School auditorium — will offer youths in grades six through 12 a fun environment to learn about important health and wellness topics. 

Meet the partners who are putting on the health fair:

Lake County Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP): CHIP coordinator Arvinder Singh is overseeing the teen health fair and will be helping teens check in and out of the event. If you have broad questions about the teen health fair, Singh is your go-to. Call him at (541) 947-2114 ext. 198 or email him.

Lake Health Clinic and Warner Mountain Medical Clinic: Staff members will help students schedule appointments with their health care providers. The teen health fair's overall goal is helping youths ages 12 to 21 get an adolescent well care visit — an appointment with their primary care provider. You don't have to wait until November 15 to schedule an appointment. Contact Lake Health Clinic manager Susan Campbell by email or at (541) 947-2114 ext. 397. Contact Warner Mountain Medical Clinic manager Dala Pardue by email or at (541) 947-2331.

FoodCorps: Service member Brooke Kelleher will offer information about nutrition. She’ll also help students blend their own smoothies by pedaling a bicycle connected to a blender. The blender bike is on loan from Oregon State University Extension. To find out more about FoodCorps' mission and Brooke's work in Lake County, shoot her an email.

Lake County Public Health: Public Health will operate two stations. One will be devoted to healthy relationships and talking about how decisions can affect students’ lives. Public Health also will offer recommended and required vaccinations and flu shots to students with parental permission. Nurses will be at parent-teacher conferences to review each child’s immunization records with their parents, obtain a signed permission slip, and get insurance information. To find out more, contact Hadley via email, email nurse Jill Harlan, or call Public Health at (541) 947-6045.

Lake District Wellness Center: The Wellness Center will screen students for depression. Because of the sensitive nature of the topic, the screenings will take place in a classroom, not in the DMS gym. To learn more, call the Wellness Center at (541) 947-6021.

Lake County Crisis Center: Bilingual advocate Brenda Arce will offer information about the services available through the Crisis Center. Because of the potentially sensitive nature of these services, the Crisis Center’s station likewise will be in a classroom. To learn more, email Brenda or call the Crisis Center at (541) 947-2498.

Lake District Wellness Center Prevention: Prevention coordinator Francie Winters will give teens information about making healthy choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Students will experience what it’s like to drive under the influence by wearing impaired driving goggles, on loan from Oregon State University Extension and the Lakeview Police Department. Find out more by emailing Winters or calling her at (541) 947-2114 ext. 441