i Tri athletes bringing the heat

Oregon State University Extension Service

This week more than 50 young people braved the heat and gathered at Daly Middle School for the fourth session of i Tri. The goal of this program is to increase physical activity over the course of the summer while exposing youths to new local physical activity opportunities. Participants are also preparing for Lake Health District Home Health and Hospice’s annual It’s About How You Live Triathlon to be held Sunday, August 12.

OSU Extension photos

OSU Extension photos

This week, young athletes focused on enhancing their running skills. Chris Finetti, Lakeview High School track and field coach, and Mile High Striders members led participants through drills to enhance their running form and taught strategies on how to set a good pace. Participants completed a mile run, the length of the running portion of the triathlon for their age group.

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In addition to running, athletes participated in a yoga session led by Francie Winters, Lake Heath District Prevention coordinator. Francie shared a yoga routine that would stretch and strengthen the major muscle groups utilized for swimming, biking, and running. A weekly highlight of all i Tri sessions is a healthy snack showcase led by Brooke Kelleher, FoodCorps service member.


All i Tri participants have been encouraged to be active for 60 minutes each day, the amount recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. All i Tri youths were provided with their own magnetic activity tracker to post on their refrigerator, to empower them to track their own activity. After meeting their physical activity goal for three weeks, participants will be able to select a special prize!  

Next week, i Tri participants are looking forward to the disc golf sessions led by Level 48, Lakeview Disc Golf Club.   

i Tri is open to youths 7 to 12 years old, and registration is still open. Registration forms can be found on the OSU Extension Service website or at the OSU Extension Office, 103 South E St., Lakeview.

For more information about i Tri, call the OSU Extension Office at (541) 947-6054, find i Tri on Facebook, or visit the website.

i Tri is made possible thanks to community partnerships and grant funding from Eastern Oregon Coordinated Care Organization.