Food preservation and safety

Lynn Ketchum photo | Oregon State University

Lynn Ketchum photo | Oregon State University

Jamie Davis
OSU Extension Service

Are you expecting a bumper crop of tomatoes or looking forward to a tree full of apples this fall? If so, now is the time to start researching safe food preservation processes and recipes. In this day of easy-to-share electronic recipes through blogs and Pinterest, it is important to use tested recipes for food preservation. The Oregon State University Extension Service and National Center for Home Food Preservation websites have an extensive offering of free, safe, and tested food preservation recipes.    

If you have questions regarding food safety and preservation, the Oregon State University Extension Service Food Safety and Preservation Hotline is available for you free of charge. Call (800) 354-7319 to reach a trained master food preserver volunteer who is standing by to assist with any of your food preservation questions. The hotline is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. until mid-October.


The U.S Department of Agriculture recommends that dial gauges for pressure canners be tested every year to ensure accuracy. The Lake County Extension Office provides this service free of charge. At your convenience, drop off your dial gauge (please remove from lid) at the Extension Office. Please allow two days to complete the testing. Extension staff will provide you an informative packet on caring for your pressure canner, detailed information about the testing process and, if applicable, recommendations for making adjustments if the psi (pounds per square inch) is off.  Please note: If the psi is off more than 2 pounds, it is recommended you replace your gauge.

If you own a pressure canner that has a weighted gauge, you do not need to have your gauge tested. At the elevation in Lake County, simply process at 15 psi and enjoy!

For more information on pressure canners, please contact the Lake County Extension Office at (541) 947-6054 or stop by the office at 103 South E St., Lakeview.