Walk your way to better health

Oregon State University Extension Service

Walking is one of the simplest, most inexpensive, and safest forms of physical activity for people of all ability levels. Walking does not require purchasing special equipment or an expensive gym membership. It is an activity that can be completed in your own time frame by yourself or with walking partners. The intensity of your walk is controlled completely by you. Although walking is a simple form of physical activity, the benefits of walking are far from simple.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of walking and would like to gain tips on how to develop a walking program, please consider registering for Oregon State University Extension’s self-directed Walk with Ease program. Walk with Ease is a walking program that offers support, information, and tools to help participants develop successful exercise routines. The program can be modified to meet the needs of individual participants so each person can develop an exercise routine that fits his or her unique goals.

Registering for the self-directed Walk with Ease program is easy and free. You may register online. After completing a brief registration form, participants will be mailed a Walk with Ease participant resource book. For more information on the Walk with Ease program, please contact Jamie Davis at the OSU Lake County Extension Office, (541) 947-6054.