A back-to-school tradition we can do without


The school year is starting — and with it all the traditions of the classic high school experience. But there’s one tradition we’re encouraging parents and students not to embrace: underage drinking.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office now officially covers the town of Lakeview, and it is actively paying attention to this issue. There are legal consequences for underage drinking, drinking and driving, and providing alcohol to a minor. Don’t risk your future.

We are a community that cares: about young people, their lives, their futures, their choices. Underage drinking has no place in that.

According to a recent survey of Lake County students, 11th graders believed that more than three-quarters of their peers were drinking. They’re not. The actual number is less than half. We can do better. So if your student tries to claim that “everyone’s doing it,” talk to them about making choices that support their future, not risk it.

Teaching our kids that there are consequences for illegal behavior prepares them to be responsible adults. Teaching them that they can ignore the law and introducing them to alcohol before their brain is fully developed is a recipe for a potentially troubled future.

What is the common thread auto accidents, suicide, sexual assault, unintended teen pregnancy, low school engagement, attendance, and drop-out rates all have in common? Alcohol.