Changing our future: ensuring the right to health photo photo

You want to live a long, healthy, productive life. We want to live long, healthy, productive lives. Our neighbors want to live long, healthy, productive lives. Surely there are tools that can help us do this, right?

The World Health Organization Constitution says “the highest attainable standard of health [is] a fundamental right of every human being.” The Declaration of Independence says humans have certain rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — all of which are critical components of healthy living.

National Public Health Week says health is also “a moral imperative”:

In the U.S. today, significant and life-threatening disparities in health care access, disease burden, premature death and infant mortality persist across our communities and between neighborhoods only a few miles apart. This is unacceptable in a country as wealthy and medically advanced as ours. We can do better.

Health is important in every area of our lives. National Public Health Week 2018 points out a few benefits of living healthy:

Healthier people can learn better in the classroom, more easily pursue economic mobility and civic participation, and better care for themselves and their loved ones.

We can’t prosper as individuals if we can’t live Outback Strong. We can’t flourish as a community if conditions exist that prevent us from living Outback Strong. We can’t make strides as a county, or a state, or a nation if we can’t live Outback Strong. Improving our health is an important way to invest in our future.


Be an advocate. Speak up for your own right to health. Speak up for your neighbor’s right to health. Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. We all have the right to live in housing that isn’t hazardous. We have the right to live in safety. We have the right to access healthcare. photo photo

Get involved. Recognize that sometimes, to get what we need, we must be active participants. Talk is important, but it can also be cheap. In communities across Lake County, one of our greatest strengths is our ability to work together. If you’re aware of problems you can fix, do so. If there are problems you can’t fix, bring them to the attention of someone who can. Watch out for your neighbors. Contribute to the community. Attend public meetings. Support local teams. Do your part to make Lake County strong and healthy for all.

Join Outback Strong. This website and the concept behind it support strong, healthy individuals and strong, healthy communities. In the coming months, there will be information about programs, projects, and initiatives across Lake County that will help us live Outback Strong. Find out more by emailing us. You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.